About Us

StillsImage Photography...Located in North East PA between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.  Is made up of a team of photographers with one purpose...to create images that are unique, breathtaking and that capture the personality of the subject.  We are the choice for clients that are looking for something different and timeless....

Our Weddings.....

For us it's not just another wedding...It's your wedding...and it is different than any other....So the images should reflect you...your style and your personality.  We do this by getting to know you...and you get to know and trust us.  You get to meet our team at the first meeting...and we will be the same people there for you on your special day....not someone you just meet the day of. 

We only book 2 weddings per month.  We do this because we like to keep our attention on our brides...and we take our time going over the images.  We pay special attention to every image...keeping in mind your personality....your style....and to tell the story of your day.

We use multiple photographers to capture the story of your day....giving your wedding a cinematic view and capturing those once in a life time moments.

Our Portraits.....

With our Portraits (Family, Kids, Head Shots .etc)  We concentrate on capturing the personality and style of the individual...not just stand here...smile...click.  That's not us.

We want family and friends to look at that image...smile...and say...now that is you.

Enough about us....they say a picture is worth a thousand words.....so check out our images and make sure that we are right for you.


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